Jion Bunkai video

Hello pals.

Today I bring you my last project, a video I shot with my friend, karateka, producer, camera-man, director... that did not like the result and wishes to remain anonymous.

It is a one-shot bunkai where I try to show some ideas that can work with this wonderful kata (my tournament kata, by the way).

It did not quite show my ideas in the way I thought it would, but anyway it took many months to produce (people are busy) so I decided to nevertheless make it public.
It has grappling, striking and in-fighting so I guess it is quite varied.

Have fun!

Please, send me criticism that is constructive. I already see many things to improve. I firmly believe the ideas and techniques behind it are useful, but we showed them in a rushed and confusing manner. Sorry for that.

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We made it to the front page!

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  1. Hi Josep,

    I don't think the format is that confusing, the idea is pretty straightforward, switching back and forth between demonstration and applications. The core concept is good!

    A few of the applications demos I found a little hard to relate to the kata, i.e. they could have done with maybe a slower demo first (showing how they occur or relate to the kata) and then the more realistic fast one. The third application I think needs a slight pause before the application is carried out, to give the viewer a chance to get their bearings - I feel like I missed the start of it.

    Regarding content itself, some of the applications I liked, some I didn't - which is good! Shows we are all individuals with our own priorities and we should never stop learning. I hope to never find something I agree with too much, or I will have to do some serious soul-searching.

    Well done for putting this out - many are willing to be keyboard warriors, and few are willing to show what they have actually got.


    P.S. the 'notify me' button seems to not be working, even though I am signed in.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a long comment. I truly appreciate.
      It was all shot in one morning, with no preparation and no corrections, so yes, a bit "not so clear" sometimes.
      I am glad you liked part of it!

    2. Your experience with hard fighting outside of karate competition (cage fighting?) comes through, and it is great. We should have a lot more of that in mind in karate training.

      Here is a video that take a similar core approach, you might have seen it. Obviously they spent a good bit of time on the editing. Also not perfect, and the applications are pressure-point oriented, but that is good knowledge to have to. The hammer and the knife are both useful weapons ;)


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