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Old Karate classes ad

I just found (and hung at home) an old poster I did when I started trying to get students for my Karate classes.
Well, it didn't work and I had to move on on this one.
What a pity; we had a huge venue in a sports center.

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OSS / OSU calligraphy (thank you my friend!)

Wow, amazing art!
It has been gifted to me by my Shenyang old friend, Machenhao, who shared many Kyokushin nights with me.

Thank you brother!!!

Here he is:

Kicking my balls during Sanchin demonstration.

Ok, ok. Here he is in a nice picture:

The one punching like a beast.

Time to get a new tattoo?

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PS: the artwork is actually two meters long!

Saifa bunkai

Today I share with you this bit of Saifa. This bunkai was shared to me by Omoto Kancho, head of Yuzenkai.

I had a karateka laying around with the perfect old-school Japanese top-knot, so I used him to illustrate this technique.
This part:

Apparently, the same technique exists in Shotokan (and Shuri lineage, I guess) kata, so it's time to do some research!
Here is the whole kata for you:

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Jion (on the beach)

I just used a friend to shoot a Jion video. Didn't practice much kata "performance" lately, so it shows... Also, the sand makes moving more difficult, which is not an excuse, but a reminder that not all your fights will be in flat terrain.

Jion was my tournament kata, and I quite enjoy practicing it. It is so brutal...
Well, here's the video:

PS: a Jion bunkai video is coming!

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The origin of the Dan system

No, it wasn't Him. He just introduced it into Budo.
It was devised by this gentleman:

Find the story here.

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