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How important is to have a black belt?

Very important! I hear you say. We work for it for many years and it's the mark of a Master, right?

The important thing is to learn, and to keep on learning.
See how one of the greatest karateka in Karate's history (Motobu Choki, 本部 朝基, 1870–1944)  didn't mind at all posing for a picture wearing a white belt:

Who cares what colour your belt is?

PS: Oh, yes, Naihanchi!!

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Back home

Last night I went to visit my Sensei, Celedonio García in his dojo Celvic.
Training was about Tai Sabaki combined with punches and kicks. Pretty good!

Thank you all my good old friends for a good training session, and thank you Sensei for all the years together!!

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