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Kyokushin kohaku obi (with dan bars)

Interesting, to say the least.
Seen any?

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Kyokushin Bunkai

Hello! I just came across some kata bunkai performed by Kyokushin karateka, who are not (usually) the most interested in this stuff.

Here there are some videos I found. Not all have the same interest but maybe you can find something you can use in your adventures:


Gekisai Sho

Pinan Sono Ni


Please, comment, even if you are not a Kyokushin-ka!!!

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Frozen (psychological self-defense)

Be like her: adapt to change, react to adversity, never keep moving!!
Why I say this?  Well, I just watched a (great video) that really captures what I was trying to explain in my book about training your mind for violence in the real world. He explains it sooooo well I am jealous... 
The basic idea: if you freeze, you die.
Watch it: Lee Morrison, on common grabs:

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Karate in China 中国唐手

Today, my friends, I was missing my Chinese Karate friends and I decided to upload some pictures of all my years there. Some pics are teaching, some pics are just as a student, all pics are learning.
Please, enjoy and comment!