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Gone boxing

I have a white belt on my work's desk. It's not because I am a super humble man and has nothing to do with keeping a "beginners mind".
It just kind of reminds me that I still can learn many things. Many.
I just happened to learn a few things last night, when I invited a fellow boxer to a round on the ring.

The reason we were wearing head gear is because I forgot my mouthpiece at home, so he kindly suggested that we used those. Thank you very much to the gentleman who invented them!
My pal hit me really hard on the head many times but there was no harm. So many head shots that left no damage (I think).

He still beat me, of course, because he is a more experienced boxer than I am. And he works out insanely every day. Kudos to him!

I managed to hit him quite a few times too, but mainly with yori ashi + kizami tsuki (lunging jab, I guess). He seemed to never see it coming.

That one round went on till four, what was painful, scary and brutal, but we managed to end unscat…

Making a present to my fightmates

I had a spare judogi that I will never use and I decided to donate it to the club.

It took longer to dress the dummy than to take and sort the pictures haha.
Why would you want to dress a dummy? Because of this:
Tomoe nage

Exploring some ground stuff

Ippon seoi nage

My new tattoo!

How exactly does this reflect self-defense considering I'll be sitting out of training for a week or two?
For my Karate fans, the catch is that the calligraphy was done by Hokama Sensei when I visited him in Okinawa two years ago. The tattoo is the name of my daughter, who turns 4 today.

This is the story of a Spanish man, who lived in England, Japan and Manchuria, married to a Chinese woman, who had a daughter near Shaolin Temple, who wore his Okinawan t-shirt while he got tattooed in Shanghai by a Russian MMA fellow, who had to drag his Serbian friend for emotional support, who had a crowd of people from Ghana to Ukraine drinking Japanese beer while observing as he got the tattoo and cursed in Catalonian.
Now, a piece of advice if you want to get tattoos in your shins: Don't.
I have some videos of the process, some long, some short, and some pics: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6
Please, excuse the random order: