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My ribs

They still hurt, so I went (again) to the doctor to get x-rayed (again) and to be told just to wait (again).

Can you see anything wrong?
I can't go down to the ground now but I use my time to lift weights and do some HIIT.
Wanna see some contrast?

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Happy birthday to myself!

Yes, today is my (I don't want to disclose personal information) birthday and my sister gifted me this book:

It's the first time anyone gives me something about Karate (or any Martial Art) for my birthday, so I guess I was a bit surprised. I didn't know the book and I didn't know the author but it looks interesting: Kumite Superior, Kumite para cinturones negros.

Just a random pic of a random page, but you can see it is full of exercises to improve your coordination and reflexes. It looks a little bit weird because of the drawings (could be much better with pictures) but many many good ideas to use during class.
I can't recommend it yet as I still didn't read and/or analyze it but first impression is good.
Now, look at this:

In the philosophical view of Camps Sensei Karate is a multifaceted thing, combination of multiple points of view. This may help some people understand why we have so many different ways of practicing Karate in the world (including mine).



Today I want to thank my two friends Jourdan Chow and Skeven for visiting me in Spain during last week.
We spent some time together, we did some training together, we ate together... Thank you guys! Missed you so much!!

Here we are, in Barcelona, having brunch.

Far right we have Pedro Patón, instructor of Defenselab, another good friend of mine. Let's see if I can make him shoot a video for us someday.

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