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MMA in Shanghai

New poster for my club, with Ramsey "Danger" Dewey as the coach. If you are around, go and join.
Good training and better people!

Jion Bunkai video

Hello pals.

Today I bring you my last project, a video I shot with my friend, karateka, producer, camera-man, director... that did not like the result and wishes to remain anonymous.

It is a one-shot bunkai where I try to show some ideas that can work with this wonderful kata (my tournament kata, by the way).

It did not quite show my ideas in the way I thought it would, but anyway it took many months to produce (people are busy) so I decided to nevertheless make it public.
It has grappling, striking and in-fighting so I guess it is quite varied.

Have fun!

Please, send me criticism that is constructive. I already see many things to improve. I firmly believe the ideas and techniques behind it are useful, but we showed them in a rushed and confusing manner. Sorry for that.

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Uke ideas

We made it to the front page!

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