My new tattoo!

How exactly does this reflect self-defense considering I'll be sitting out of training for a week or two?

For my Karate fans, the catch is that the calligraphy was done by Hokama Sensei when I visited him in Okinawa two years ago.
The tattoo is the name of my daughter, who turns 4 today.

This is the story of a Spanish man, who lived in England, Japan and Manchuria, married to a Chinese woman, who had a daughter near Shaolin Temple, who wore his Okinawan t-shirt while he got tattooed in Shanghai by a Russian MMA fellow, who had to drag his Serbian friend for emotional support, who had a crowd of people from Ghana to Ukraine drinking Japanese beer while observing as he got the tattoo and cursed in Catalonian.

Now, a piece of advice if you want to get tattoos in your shins:

I have some videos of the process, some long, some short, and some pics:

Please, excuse the random order:

I'll post pics wearing karategi asap!

Art done by Lev Sobolev, from Tattoo Shanghai White Siberia Group.
Thank you man for the nice job and for giving me the appointment on the perfect day at the perfect time.
And thank you for not letting me get a bigger one.

Moral support by Milan Tasic PhD.

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