Karate Combat: now, this is interesting!!

Now, if you follow this blog you may already know that I do not specially enjoy WKF kumite.

That kind of point sparring is impossible to understand for me. How can you give points for NOT touching your opponent in a Martial Arts competition?!?!

Well, I just discovered "Karate Combat".

Do you know Rafael Aghayev?
He is from Azerbaijan and has won (multiple) World and European titles in WKF kumite.
Here he is:

I am not a fan but I just found him in my new found love: Karate Combat.
For what I have seen, the rules are really really interesting: full contact, throws and takedowns allowed, a bit of ground fighting is all right...
I could take part on this very happily!

Watch Rafael going full contact here:

Now, this is some nice competition rules. 
It is real. It is alive. 
Karateka looking like strong athletes... You get my point?

Compare the same guy under both rule sets. 
Can't barely recognize him, can you?
Why mainstream Karate is so lame, so boring, so fake?

Under my perspective of self-defense Karate, training to score points and training to hit a guy who is trying to KO you are completely different. 
What would you rather master?

Here, some treats:

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