Find inspiration for your bunkai ANYWHERE

You maybe got stuck trying to figure out how does a particular move works? 
Yes, I've been there... Multiple times... Daily, actually...

Maybe you don't have access to a super old Sensei with all the ancient knowledge (not all of us have) but you surely can figure it out if you do some research.
Yes, research.
Find something, try it, try it under pressure, test it in sparring.
If it works, here it is! A bunkai that works.

Because if you can not make it happen when you are stressed (or scared, or hurt) then it's useless.
It may be as historically correct as possible but if it does not work for you when you need it then it is just History, not Martial Arts.

There are many resources out there for us to take draw inspiration from: videos, books, Internet, other Arts...

Here is some unusual bunkai exploration by Coach Ramsey Dewey from Shanghai (you can spot me in a couple clips):

Is he right?
Well... probably NOT.
And with this I don't mean to take any merit or practicability from him: I just want to point out that he did a research, he asked himself what are all those weird moves for, he thought about it, tested his conclusions and when he was happy with the results, he made a video.

I am not saying he is right or wrong, but he got the process right.

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