Kyokushin Bunkai

I just came across some kata bunkai performed by Kyokushin karateka, who are not (usually) the most interested in this stuff.

黄海 (Huanghai) Shihan, my good friend. Both guys in this pic broke me bones...

Here there are some videos I found. Not all have the same interest but maybe you can find something you can use in your adventures:

Please, comment, even if you are not a Kyokushin-ka!!!

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  1. Hi there! great stuff, glad to drop by your page and found these very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing, keep it up!
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  2. Glad you liked it!
    I appreciate your comment.

    Nice website, by the way. Good job with the kids!

  3. hey, interesting information i got from here…would love to visit here again. Anti Bulling defence in Northern Colorado
    Kenpo Karate, Fort Collins, CO

    1. Wow, nice pictures of your place in your website!

      If you liked this one post maybe you will also enjoy these:

      And I am waiting for my producer to finish editing my last video, that will also be about bunkai.

      Thanks for commenting!


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