How important is to have a black belt?

Very important! I hear you say.
We work for it for many years and it's the mark of a Master, right?

The important thing is to learn, and to keep on learning.

See how one of the greatest karateka in Karate's history (Motobu Choki, 本部 朝基, 1870–1944)  didn't mind at all posing for a picture wearing a white belt:

Who cares what colour your belt is?

PS: Oh, yes, Naihanchi!!

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  1. Thank you for writing this inspiring article, Sensei Michael. It really helped me think about what it will cost to become Black Belt in your Ultimate Bo program. I am determined. Martial arts for ladies because my fiuncy is a huge MMA fan and she wants to return to the marital arts. She had an orange belt in karate

  2. Well, thanks for the compliments, but my name is not Michael and I don't have a Ultimate Bo program or ladies-only program.

    I guess you posted in the wrong blog lol.

    Anyway, support your fiancé in her martial endeavors!!!! Marital arts are a complete different subject.


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