Happy birthday to myself!

Yes, today is my (I don't want to disclose personal information) birthday and my sister gifted me this book:

It's the first time anyone gives me something about Karate (or any Martial Art) for my birthday, so I guess I was a bit surprised.
I didn't know the book and I didn't know the author but it looks interesting: Kumite Superior, Kumite para cinturones negros.

Just a random pic of a random page, but you can see it is full of exercises to improve your coordination and reflexes.
It looks a little bit weird because of the drawings (could be much better with pictures) but many many good ideas to use during class.

I can't recommend it yet as I still didn't read and/or analyze it but first impression is good.

Now, look at this:

In the philosophical view of Camps Sensei Karate is a multifaceted thing, combination of multiple points of view.
This may help some people understand why we have so many different ways of practicing Karate in the world (including mine).

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