Uke applications (one option)

In this sunny day I used my brother Elies, part time karateka, to shoot a video I had in mind for a while.

He lives in France and came to visit, so I took the chance to take him to the roof under the mid day sun and make him part of this blog. We almost had to shoot the video wearing sunglasses!

Oss, brother!

In this video I must explain first that I am not saying that all the "blocks" in kata must be used like this. I am just suggesting one way of "reading" what the different uke techniques can mean in the context of a kata.

Of course, I forgot to explain shoto uke...

Well, first I show the common application to uchi uke. Then I (try to) show how this can be useless in a fight. You can see that my brother is not attacking with all his will so I can deflect quite easily, but you get the point, don't you?

I choose to explain a point of view that is similar to that of Aikido, but it also is something I use in MMA and while on the ground because I works for me.

Now, let's watch the video and please write in the comments how we can improve this.

Yes, I know that the kata have other things going on before, after and during the "block" but you can use this information and then fill in the gaps.

Nice roof, uh?

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