I'm gonna fight this Friday!

Yes, I have been offered a MMA fight this Friday and I said yes.

Can you find my interrogative face?

Am I becoming a MMA fighter?
No, not even a Karate fighter.

I am a karateka, even if I crosstrain or push myself to try new (martial) things.
My point is, how can I be sure how good my Karate is?
Not how good my kime or how does my kata look or how fancy my bunkai is: am I ready to face violence?

Because violence (unexpected) is what we all train for (I hope!), to be ready if shit happens. This fight will be a reality check for me.
Yes, "Karate is not made for fighting in a professional arena", I also read that, but that doesn't mean that I can not go.
I am not sure how good were people in Okinawa at fighting when that sentence was uttered (by Motobu?)  but nowadays many people train Martial Arts or combat sports so I think the situation has changed.

In my quest for self-protection improvement I will face someone I have never seen before. All I know about him is his weight and that he has fighting experience.

Good luck Fabio!

PS: Thank you to VFL for inviting me to this event.


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