My 100 man kumite (that I failed)

In my discharge I must say that I was just informed that I was fighting 100 rounds in my bye bye night from the JX Fight Club In Shanghai on my last day, last Thursday.

Why not? What could possibly go wrong?

Submission chain

I was OK, exhausted but not in the limit yet, until about round 16 when someone from Ukraine cracked one of my left ribs WITH AN ARMBAR!!!
Weirdest injury ever.
I could not sleep next night, I had to work next day, I had a 14 hours flight next next day and then 5 hours drive to my home town...

Well, he is a pro cage fighter so I guess it's OK.
Good luck on your fight tonight in Xi'an Vitalii!!!

Thanks everyone for attending my last day in JK Fight Club in Shanghai, where I learnt so my in this last year. 
A year full of Shotokan and MMA, and that is a strange combo.

Three (3) of these guys were pro fighters, so I guess that put some quality on the fights.

Here it is, the full 24 minutes of fighting. Not much to learn from, because I spend most of it under someone(s).
Oh, I did a great take down from the back on my good friend Jourdan, but that was just good luck.

¿Thank you? to Skeven who "shot" the video where you can see nothing.

In case you are wondering why I am wearing leggings (we call them "spats") is because I am covering my mew tattoos!

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  1. This man is amazing at what he does. Much impressive story you have. I love china just because of karate, those people love to practice, currently I'm in Pakistan last visited when I was in Shanghai I had much experience how those people spread love, one thing that I had saw there they promote and encourage their children to be little ninjas master that was awesome

  2. Thank you very much for your words. Next time you visit China I will hook you up some training!


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