Fighting in Japan

I am so happy!
I found my long lost SD card with pictures from my first trip to Japan, many years ago. Great memories!!!
This was the time when I switched from twice a week to twice a day. This long trip changed my Budo life forever.

Fighting in Japan? Well, there is a video at the end of my "doing" kumite.

At the Kodokan, with Kano Shihan's statue.


A beautiful temple near home.

Children statues in the street.

JKA Honbu dojo. I didn't have the opportunity of training there. Maybe next time?

JKA Honbu dojo front view.

At the Tokyo Dome!


Not sure about this one...

Okinawan restaurant!

Visiting the Imperial Palace.

Spanish restaurant in Shibuya. Soooo expensive...

My neighbour.

Rowing in Ueno, without a care in the world.

Vegeta costume!
12000 Yen, that I, sadly, didn't have at the moment.

I don't know how to title this one.

My best friend at the dojo.

My dojo.

After class in SKIF Honbu dojo.

Kanazawa Soke's tonfa.

Name at the door of the dojo.

With amazing Murakami Sensei.

Another one.

Last one.

Making friends in Yokohama.

Notice the typical gaijin umbrella.

After class dinner. Me stabbing my Spanish friend.

Spanish and Syrian dojo mates.

Akihabara electric town!

Beautiful Ueno Park.

I don't know what was so funny, and I profusely apologize for the unseriousness of it. Not much to learn from it, but it's nice to see myself from the past.
I remember he hit me with a jodan mawashi geri on the eye and that was the end of it.

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  1. It's so lovely pictures, yeah, I'm damn sure how much you enjoyed there it was an adorable tour of your life. I have many times heard about japan just because of karate and judo many Japanese junior high schools have classes of Judo and Kendo karate, japan back and forth producing such a great talent in term of little ninjas of the world that's much appreciating they are doing a great job.


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