How to don't get a black belt

Let's start by the most obvious: pissing off the people who can give you one.

Let's forget that you are a mediocre asshole karateka, with sub-par ability, questionable work ethic and horrible technique.

Let's forget that nobody believes that any instructor gave you a brown belt when you can not even do a zenkutsu dachi + gedan barai in a convincing way.

How to qualify for a black belt?
That is something between your Sensei and you, and that is not the point of this post.

Well, this guy in my old dojo kept asking for a black belt promotion (without testing) because he thought he was good enough.
And still keeps asking everyday to the instructors to this day, two years later.

Not only his Karate is in a level that would embarrass any 6 years old in a McDojo but he uses our internal group for ranting about himself.
And always giving advice to everyone. Advice that sucks, that's it.

Just an example:
(I guess he was drunk again, because it was 2:16 am)

Oh, yeah: that's me with a green mask.
Then he went on for hours questioning my skills, my rank, my age...

Yeah, maybe I should keep quiet, but enough is enough. 
Someone had to tell him something.
Funny thing is that in all his rants he never tried to refute that his Karate sucks, and I find that beautiful, in a way.

And today he boasted about how my friend Ulysse Karasira Sensei gave him a black belt under the World Karate Federation, something he never did:

I am not here to tell you how to behave, how to speak, how to be a good person. You have your parents for that.
But please, do not embarrass your former instructors and your country by being a cocky low level "karateka" so full of yourself that nobody respects you.

Oh no! Here he goes again, just as we speak!!

Update 29th June:
This guy has been telling other people that I him offered a black belt and that he refused out of loyalty and humbleness...

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  1. Today, everyone reading this post is REQUESTED to post a comment.

  2. All I can say is shame on him. Doesnt know the meaning of the work Karate or honor.
    Should not be training karate and should completely change his philosophy on life xD


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