Weight training

Have you ever heard that weight training will make you slower?
I bet you have.

I was thinking about this after I accomplished to bench press 100kg for the first time in my life.
Not really an amazing weight, I know, but a milestone for me. I was close to 100 a couple of times in my life but for one thing or another I can never maintain a good gym training stability. 

I first understood how important is to have a strong body when I started sparring in Kyokushin. You get strong or you die. 
Simple as that.

And then I realized that most of Goju Ryu documents I could find at that time were about training the body.

And then tell me that Bruce Lee didn't do weights or that he was slow!!!

Do you really believe that pro fighters don't do weights?
Just watch any boxing/MMA/K1/Muay Thai match!

Jean-Claude Van Damme, strong and fast. And an amazing dancer!

Contrary to generalized opinion, research has shown that weight training increases speed (and stamina, and stabilizes the joints, and so on).

Anyway, I haven't noticed any slowdown, mainly because the speed of the punches don't (mainly) depend on the muscles of the arms, but you already knew this, didn't you?

Anyway again, one thing I can promise you is that weight training makes you strong.
How being stronger could possible be not good for you in the event of a fight?!?!?!?

I am sorry Mr Tree, I kicked you too hard!

You can find some training ideas in chapter 5 of Practical Karate, again.
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  1. Hi Josep,

    All good practical advice as usual, unencumbered by traditional opinions.
    Except.... I'm curious about what you say about speed of punches. Obviously twisting of the body plays a major part in punching, but I'd have thought they contribute more to delivery of force - surely the arm muscles are the main accelerator of the 5-fingered club at the end of that arm??


  2. The way I learnt to punch my fist is already accelerating before my arm starts to straighten.
    I punch with my legs and my core.
    Using the triceps muscle to punch is another way to do it.

    How do you punch?

    And in relation to the post, if your triceps is stronger then it can accelerate the fist easier.

    1. Yes, the fist must of course be accelerating before then - when the arm is straightening, it is at max velocity/possibly slowing down.
      But the act of even beginning to straighten the arm must come from the arm alone, no? Or do I misunderstand antagonistic muscles pairings completely.

      I punch with rooted foot, legs, hips, core, shoulders and arms. Or at least, that's the theory.

      "mainly because the speed of the punches don't (mainly) depend on the muscles of the arms,"
      "if your triceps is stronger then it can accelerate the fist easier."
      Are these not a contradiction?

    2. Not trying to be argumentative for the sake of it, simply wish to know if there is something other than the arm which actually accelerates the fist.
      Possibly the back leg if using a reverse punch, but I wouldn't think this is primary.

      Or maybe I am thinking to narrowly in a (shotokan) karate mindset - I know you practice several other arts as well.

    3. Dear Mr Hayes, sorry for the delay in the reply. I had some technology issues...
      I just shot a short video "explaining" the way I do it, from a Shotokan perspective:


      If this is not how you do it, please, shoot a video yourself and share it here. I always love seeing different ways of punching (and I know a few).
      Not argumentative at all. I love a good argument!

    4. Nice explanation vid. We seem to punch in a very similar fashion, but have a differ explanation for how it works! I will examine my own in more detail and perhaps make a video if I believe there's any substantial difference.

    5. My Sensei used to explain it different than me... but I learnt it from him!


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