Psychological Karate

Finally all my years of being a student are paying off!

As a Psychologist I always remember something one of my teachers told me:
"You perform as you train. If you drink coffee while you study, drink coffee for the test. If you study until you are sleepy, come sleepy to test. If you use drugs to study, come high to test."

Back to Karate, if you train like a 5 years old girl, then guess how you will fight if you get attacked. 
If your techniques only work against compliant partners, guess how well they will work against a non compliant thud. 
If you never get punched in the face during training, what are you gonna do when you get punched in the face during a fight?

I actually wrote a lot about it in chapter 4 of the book that gives name to this blog, Practical Karate, again.
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