Newaza forever! (groundwork)

Yes, my friends, fighting on the ground is my favorite thing to do (martial related). Don't ask me why, but I just enjoy it the most. 
It may be because it's the first thing I learnt when I started this life-long path. Or maybe not.

It allows you to go full power with little concerns, but it also allows you to pace yourself. It is a great cardio or a great strategy, a good feeling when you dominate a friend and also an eye-opener when you get dominated.

Modern karateka tend to disregard its practice, and that is just wrong because the Karate Masters of the (not so long) past wrestled in Okinawa almost daily. Why was that? Because there were no TV, no PS, no internet... Just read some Funakoshi and you will understand.

Modern judoka also tend to disregard its practice, and that is even wronger. Just because it isn't so used in competition right now it doesn't mean that you can slack on it.

Modern BJJers tend to disregard any other thing that is not on the ground, but that is a story for another time. 90% of the fights might end on the ground but... for sure not all of them.

No more talking and more rolling:

My poor friend Skeven was exhausted after class. He took a training break a bit too long haha.

Why am I not practicing newaza in a Judo dojo?
I don't have one available near me right now...

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