JKA meeting in Shanghai

Yesterday I attended the JKA tournament here in Shanghai.
I didn't go to the seminar and grading because I am not a JKA member, but the tournament was something I wanted to see.

I went there with my family and could meet my old friend Karasira Sensei, freshly demoted from Nidan to Nikyu, just to be promoted again to Yikyu and Shodan.
No, I am not gonna talk about JKA rank promotion system this time...

Well, he went on to win the Kumite!!
Congratulations to him!

As you can see in the program, there is even a Ippon Kumite contest!
This is the first time I see it. Surprising, but it was only for kids so I guess no big deal.

I am sorry for the photos. I lost most of them on my way back home. I just could gather these few from friends afterwards.

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