Kyusho / Vital points

Did you hear about them? Do you know some of them? Are they key to your practice?

There are different people who treat the vital points differently. An excerpt of my book will explain my view on them: what they are and how to use a few of them. 
You still can purchase it for the original price of zero.

But let's say that they are spots on your body that will hurt like hell if "manipulated". They are nerve knots and other anatomical structures that are easy to access and create a lot of pain.

Dim mak, delayed death, five steps death and light touch knockout are subjects we are not going to discuss here because I am not sure if I believe in that, but getting compliance from an attacker using pain is a good thing to get good at.

Not, finally I got to record myself sparring, not only rolling.
It was a light flowing sparring with my team mate and he got (accidentally) a limp leg when I put my knee on his shin:

Exactly HERE

If you really want to see some of my non-orthodox Karate fighting (no grappling allowed today) just watch it here:

You can see several gedan mawashi geri, a nice kakato geri and some low push kicks a la Jon Bones Jones.

Can you see that point here?

Oh, he caught me on another sweet spot a few minutes after this video that left me crying on the floor for a good while...

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