Escaping a RNC: Kanku bunkai

Yes, today I practiced some Rear Naked Choke escapes and thought to post them here.

Yes, he did it wrong...

Just in case you don't know, the RNC is the most successful technique in MMA, with the highest chance of ending a fight.
And it is so easy to do... that you better be ready to survive it, right? Because you could be tangled up in one in a street fight too.

First, the first one:

What? You didn't like it?
I learnt it from a 11th Dan Master!!

Never mind...

Let's try option 2:


The sequence is:
  • cover your neck
  • bump your behind forward
  • roll to one side
  • rotate to the other side and put the inside shoulder on the floor
  • stiff-arm the leg
  • jump over and finish him!

So, how does this relate to Kanku kata?
Well, option 2 can be done while standing:

  • bring your hands up
  • lower your body
  • rotate to the side
  • strike!
Can you find it?

Well, just before the nidan tobi geri.

Yes, I know!! A bit of a stretch! But now I am getting fun of the inverse process: instead of finding a meaning of a sequence of kata I try to find sequences of kata that match with the moves I do in MMA. Sometimes you discover a treasure that opens up other kata...

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