Reducing kata to its essence

I read a lot of people excusing themselves of practicing kata while they are not in the dojo (at home, traveling, in hotels...) because they do not have enough space to practice a whole kata.

That, of course, is just a excuse for not practicing.


As you can see, I do a loooong kata in a very reduced space. Yes, my performance is poor, rushed and uninterested, I can see that, but stay with me.
The key to practice kata in a less-than-ideal environment is to change it. Yes, you can change kata. A modified kata is better than no kata.
Read that again.

So, how to do it?
Many kata have a repetition of the same technique 3 times. So you need to do the full step and the 3 techniques? No, you don't. Three techniques in kata are there for a reason. Study the reason and just mod your kata to fit your space.
Change the directions. It doesn't matter. No, it doesn't. You are not trying to perform the whole perfect kata, you are just trying to get some training.
Be imaginative!
Turn around, skip steps, go back and forth, use the angles... make it fit!

I could have chosen Suparimpei or Gojushiho (that I also practice on that corner) but Jion is (was) my tournament kata so, why not?

You can see I used my gi for the video. You do not need to use yours. I never use it at home. No, the Karate kami will not get angry with you. It will only get angry if you fail to train.


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