Anti-grappling techniques

Once in a while one of those "martial artists" that badmouth grappling will say that their style teaches "anti-grappling techniques".

(Not exactly a Judo turtle lol)

Well, there may be techniques designed to cope with grappling strategies, like shooting for a double leg takedown (morote gari if you are a judoka), but there is only one assured way of having all you need fresh and ready to fight a grappler:

Learn to grapple!

Only the experience of rolling or randori in a continuous and frequent manner will make you ready to "counter-grapple" grappling attempts.
And let me tell you something: if you miss that first punch you are both feet deep into grappling time. You better be ready for that.

Well, I shot a video last night after class of myself rolling with a partner. Not the best grappling and not the best video quality, but at least you can see how anyone should be able to regain and keep control in a ground situation.

Judo, BJJ, wrestling, gi, no gi, MMA, greco-roman... all good!

The more I watch the video the more I see Bassai Dai moves in it...


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