Jodan age uke

Good morning pals!

Does your Karate style use age uke?
(me, teaching at Dongbei University, Shenyang, China, long time ago...)

That rising block looks weird, right? I mean, it looks slow (and it is), it requires you to cross both your arms in front of your face and then project your whole body forward while you chmaber the other hand on the hips.
If you try to use age uke during kumite you will get punched on the face (believe, me, I got punched while trying to use it. Many times...).

(thank you to Karasira Sensei, JKA, and to his student for the picture)

So, is it useless?

But I suggest you see this Youtube screen capture of an UFC bout:
Perfect for protecting your head from a swinging punch!

Don't forget to keep your both hands in use, as both fighters are doing here.

And, yes, you can also use age uke as a elbow blow to the face, but then we'd need to change the name of the technique.


  1. Don't forget to explore other options of age uke for bunkai, as some cool joint locking and choking techniques can be achieved from this motion.


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