Does size matter?

There I was, lifting some weights, when something came to my mind: "Technique beats strength".

We actually had some talks about that topic during last weeks between us fighting pals so I decided to write a little bit about it.


To put it in the simplest of terms: The bigger and stronger you are the more difficult you will be to kill.
Read it twice more.

So, well, yes, most probably, between two equally sized guys the most skilled one will (should) prevail (not taking into consideration the mindset of each one).
But between two not-equally-big guys, will the most skilled one surely win?

If I teach fighting during a year to a 6 years girl old and then I pit her against a 20 years old and 300 pounds guy with no fighting experience, who would win?
Yes, the girl, of course. She is more skilled!!! Everybody agrees?

Truth is that the biggest the size difference the biggest the skill difference must in order to be effective.

I was in Shenyang and went to the Hunan Wushu club for some training with my friend Huanghai.
When I go in there was a HUGE guy on the sand bag. He was only wearing shorts. He was muscular, ripped, much taller than me and with every strike to the bag he made the building shake.
A-ma-zing view.

So there comes my friend and asks me if I want to fight with him. "Sure", I said while my knees started to tremble. "It may be a good training".

It was an embarrassment.
He was an useless fighter. He could not touch me while I landed blow after blow on him. High, low, kick, punch, knee... He had no answer for anything. 
All he could do was turning his face away.

He was strong, brutal on the sandbag but he was not a skilled fighter.
All the other (smaller) guys at that club could put up a fight, at least.

Here we have Han (I hope to remember to take a photo with him next time) who is a 17 years old wrestler from Kazakhstan and around 20 kilos lighter than me.

Last day, he just played with me like a doll.
Even knowing what he was attempting (a rolling armbar) I could not prevent it from happening.
Twice in 5 seconds.

Just too much better than me...

So just make sure you are really skilled and try to be a bit bigger every day.
If you want to improve your chances.
If not, as 95% people I know, just go training twice a week and keep sucking at it feel good about it.

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  1. Another point is, whether one is skilled or unskilled, the bigger you are the less likely (sane) people are to attack you - muscles as deterrent.


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