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Yuzenkai China is growing! (10 new Branch Chiefs)

Thanks to the continuous efforts of, now Susheki Shihan, Huanghai to promote Karate in general and GIKKU Yuzenkai in particular in China we received ten applications to be members of this sharing and warm-hearted organization.
Omoto Kancho was pleased with the enthusiasm and martial proficiency shown by all candidates so he gave the OK to them. The growth is exponential, and all thanks to hard work, good communication skills and serious training.
Here you can check the new Yuzenkai China Branch Chiefs:
Thank you my friend.
I wish you great success with your new endeavor. We trust you with the future of Yuzenkai in China!

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PS: He just messaged me with news of Dojos interested from Korea!

Karate Combat: now, this is interesting!!

Now, if you follow this blog you may already know that I do not specially enjoy WKF kumite.
That kind of point sparring is impossible to understand for me. How can you give points for NOT touching your opponent in a Martial Arts competition?!?!
Well, I just discovered "Karate Combat".

Do you know Rafael Aghayev? He is from Azerbaijan and has won (multiple) World and European titles in WKF kumite. Here he is:

I am not a fan but I just found him in my new found love: Karate Combat. For what I have seen, the rules are really really interesting: full contact, throws and takedowns allowed, a bit of ground fighting is all right... I could take part on this very happily!
Watch Rafael going full contact here:

Now, this is some nice competition rules.  It is real. It is alive.  Karateka looking like strong athletes... You get my point?
Compare the same guy under both rule sets.  Can't barely recognize him, can you? Why mainstream Karate is so lame, so boring, so fake?
Under my p…

Back to training! I hope my nose stays unbroken for a while...

Hi everyone.
I decided to give it a go to BJJ last night in order to check how broken my nose still is, but I survived the work out just fine.

Man, I was totally scared the whole time hahaha. Never had a worst time during training in my whole life. Thanks to my mates for going soft and slow on me. I really needed that.
I shall go again in a couple hours...

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