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Suidobashi shop black belt review

I am really happy today! I am back to Spain for the summer and I found my old black belt. I bought it on my first trip to Japan, in Suidobashi Budo shop:

Not only great service but also great quality. Family owned, when I visited the old generation was still there but next time I saw a generational change, but the same warm welcome and attention.
Now, regarding the belt, I had forgotten how much I liked it. I didn't use it in a few years, mainly because it is too short for me (280cm), but it is a really well made belt, flexible but with good shape, well stitched, well folded and with a nice nice cotton.

I used it about two years before buying my first Shureido and I remember I washed it a couple times at least. It's loosing some of its black tint, giving it a nice seasoned look.

The stitching is straight in parallel lines and still all in place. Perfectly folded edges.

And the treat is that the belt comes with on site hand embroidery. I told them my name and they did it at th…

My 100 man kumite (that I failed)

In my discharge I must say that I was just informed that I was fighting 100 rounds in my bye bye night from the JX Fight Club In Shanghai on my last day, last Thursday.
Why not? What could possibly go wrong?

I was OK, exhausted but not in the limit yet, until about round 16 when someone from Ukraine cracked one of my left ribs WITH AN ARMBAR!!! Weirdest injury ever. I could not sleep next night, I had to work next day, I had a 14 hours flight next next day and then 5 hours drive to my home town...
Well, he is a pro cage fighter so I guess it's OK. Good luck on your fight tonight in Xi'an Vitalii!!!

Thanks everyone for attending my last day in JK Fight Club in Shanghai, where I learnt so my in this last year.  A year full of Shotokan and MMA, and that is a strange combo.
Three (3) of these guys were pro fighters, so I guess that put some quality on the fights.
Here it is, the full 24 minutes of fighting. Not much to learn from, because I spend most of it under someone(s). Oh, …

Fighting in Japan

I am so happy! I found my long lost SD card with pictures from my first trip to Japan, many years ago. Great memories!!! This was the time when I switched from twice a week to twice a day. This long trip changed my Budo life forever.
Fighting in Japan? Well, there is a video at the end of my "doing" kumite.
At the Kodokan, with Kano Shihan's statue.
A beautiful temple near home.
Children statues in the street.
JKA Honbu dojo. I didn't have the opportunity of training there. Maybe next time?
JKA Honbu dojo front view.
At the Tokyo Dome!
Not sure about this one...
Okinawan restaurant!
Visiting the Imperial Palace.
Spanish restaurant in Shibuya. Soooo expensive...
My neighbour.
Rowing in Ueno, without a care in the world.
Vegeta costume! 12000 Yen, that I, sadly, didn't have at the moment.

Bye bye Shanghai Karate Box!!!

With a saddened heart yesterday I said goodbye to my good friends at the Shanghai Karate Box dojo, owned by Chen Sensei.
They all have been rally nice during the last year I have spent in Shanghai. But now it's time to go to Spain, that I never visited since I arrived in China, many, many years ago.

Will I come ever back? Let's let the fate dictate what shall we do next. It's time for happiness and not for worrying about the future.
88 Shanghai!!

Take care of my weapons, Sensei!

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Bunkai ideas (stances)

After all the hate mail I received on my hotmail during the last two days regarding my last post, I have decided to fuel the controversy even further by continuing the unorthodox Karate exploration that seems to piss off some people so much.
I work with the resources I have available, and what I find useful I try to share it. If you have another view that works for you, I also want to hear about it.

First of all, I want to thank my MMA Coach Ramsey Dewey for allowing me to post his video here.

He is explaining the hows and whys of some different stances you have available when you are fighting. What I want you to do is explore your kata bunkai using these ideas.
Yes, I know this is not how you explore kata, but just an alternative view that might help you open your mind to other possibilities.  Worth a try?

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PS: thank you Mr Hayes for your IT help

How to Uchi uke and Gedan barai

So cool, uh?
But today is not about being cool, is about understanding why we move the way we move in Karate. Oh, but we all move in different ways!!! Yes, I am aware that in different styles we move in different ways, and that is what I am exploring today.
And I would love to hear your thoughts about this.
The video.
I hope I worded everything clear enough. Not as easy to film as I thought beforehand... And sorry for the title of the post. No enough space to make a clear one!

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