Suidobashi shop black belt review

I am really happy today!
I am back to Spain for the summer and I found my old black belt. I bought it on my first trip to Japan, in Suidobashi Budo shop:

Not only great service but also great quality. Family owned, when I visited the old generation was still there but next time I saw a generational change, but the same warm welcome and attention.

Now, regarding the belt, I had forgotten how much I liked it.
I didn't use it in a few years, mainly because it is too short for me (280cm), but it is a really well made belt, flexible but with good shape, well stitched, well folded and with a nice nice cotton.

I used it about two years before buying my first Shureido and I remember I washed it a couple times at least. It's loosing some of its black tint, giving it a nice seasoned look.

The stitching is straight in parallel lines and still all in place.
Perfectly folded edges.

And the treat is that the belt comes with on site hand embroidery.
I told them my name and they did it at the moment.
The font is a little bit small for my modern taste, but still beautiful. All threads still where they should be. I currently write my name with the first, third and fifth kana but they included some elongated vowels that, I suppose, make my name sound better.

And the label is gorgeous!!
Suidobashi Shop, Tokyo, Japan. What else can you ask for?

If I recall correctly, the price is 3500 Yen, plus 300 for each letter. Not expensive at all.

If one of my readers are currently in Japan or going soon, please, let me know because I would love to buy a new (longer) one.
If you could help me I would appreciate.
I'm not kidding!!! I really want it!!!

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