How to Uchi uke and Gedan barai

So cool, uh?

But today is not about being cool, is about understanding why we move the way we move in Karate.
Oh, but we all move in different ways!!!
Yes, I am aware that in different styles we move in different ways, and that is what I am exploring today.

And I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

I hope I worded everything clear enough. Not as easy to film as I thought beforehand...
And sorry for the title of the post. No enough space to make a clear one!

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  1. Hi Josep,

    You should be able to embed the video directly in the blog, if you want. I know it would help me watch it easier (esp. when you have a post with a few video links). Cheers.

    1. I'm trying, but can't get it working. Mind to send me an email with help?

      Thank you.

  2. My take would be that, turning your body WITH the fist is a strike, e.g. for gedan barai it becomes a gedan hammer fist strike when turning with the fist. When turning the hips away, it is really to help with the pulling motion - especially for uchi uke. It is in fact a lock or arm break - the retracting hand has a hold of the arm, and the 'blocking' hand is contacting the elbow (or wrist, or neck, etc.) - at high speed for a break, with strength for a lock.
    So really they are both useful, and all karateka should try and be aware of both, and other ways of moving.

    1. "all karateka should try and be aware of both, and other ways of moving"

      I love this. Only if it could be possible...

  3. Okinawan schools will have a different focus that American hybrid styles. But in all likelihood on the first day you'll spend time learning stances, and basic punches, kicks and blocks you might begin at a basic karate, or simple self defense moves. I want to learn more basic techniques So please help me anyhow I have watched your Uchi uke Gedan barai video.


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