End of holidays! Outdoor training!

On this sunny morning I have decided to resume training.
Not that I decided to stop, but I moved to Spain, I had an injury (yes, always) and a bit of laziness made me take a hiatus that has ended today (yesterday, actually).

Beautiful endless beaches...

Yes, I lost some of my fitness during this monthly break, but I am not going to lie to you...
Time to get some work done, bus as you can see, my protuding left rib prevents me from crunching.

Some running in the park before going back to the beach for a pose:

Just imitating Tombatossals, mythological hero of my hometown, Castellón de la Plana.

You can have some views to really scale the size of that statue: Tombatossals

And after training, a nice treat:

Wild figs!!!
I love them!!!

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