Celvic, my first dojo

In this great selfie you can see my perfectly bent nose, product of a street fight when I was 10, that I lost against someone twice my size. 
No, not a product of my courage but an attack. Well, kids...

This morning I went to visit my Sensei, Celedonio García to his dojo, Celvic, to remember old times.
Fortunately (for him) he is on holidays so I could not see him, but I got inside to take some pics from the different rooms and feel some nostalgia.

The place is big (three stories) and Sensei is always experimenting and moving the weight room, the aerobic room and the dojo around almost every summer. I have trained in four different rooms in this place lol.

Oh, there he is:

Being caught in a wrist lock by his daughter. 
Good job training her, Sensei!!

Next week classes start again and I will be there to polish my Shotokan, that is in need of an update.

Oss Sensei!!!

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