More injuries

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I am condemned to a life of injuries and pain because of the choices I make.
Mainly the choice of training with high intensity with highly motivated, very athletic and skilled men.

This happened exactly 20 months ago.
We were doing a drill and my friend Huanghai (I need to do a post about him) punched me on the hand, moving my left index finger out of place.
It hurt badly for a week or two but didn't give it a second thought about much later when I realized that my hand wasn't healing. I had lost some range of motion and still hurts. This makes punching "difficult".

The X-ray was taken a few months ago, after more than a year of "discomfort".
As you can see, there is a black spot on the base of that bone.

Now the funny part:
The doctor examining the X-ray said "yes, there is a black spot, but I see no problem".
-But it hurts.
-But it's ok.
-I can't make a proper fist, man.
-Maybe you need to force it into folding.
-What?!?! Can't you see there is a black spot on my finger joint that is causing me pain?
-Yes, but I think it's ok.
-How can it be ok if I can't use my hand properly!??!
-I see no problem.

In this picture you can see my protruding index finger.
Nah, don't pity me. With gloves it's not that bad.
I have started this month to punch again with full power. Mobility is much better than before and the pain goes away after a few minutes, even if I "overbend" the knuckle joint. 
I am not worried anymore. I think it will be fine (in a year or two). I have punched the heavy bag for two hours total in the last week and the hand is still here.

So, why am I writing this?
Injuries in middle aged man and beyond take forever to heal. And they take longer if you keep training. And they will never heal properly if your doctors are idiots.
So, why don't I go to another doctor?
I went to three different hospitals. All useless. But this one was the best conversation of the three.

It seems that there is a piece of bone missing. Maybe reabsorbed or maybe lost inside the joint.
I'll go to a proper doctor next time I travel out of this country.

Why am I always posting about my injuries?
I read on forums all the time that people get injured and get depressed because they need to sit out for a period of time.
Maybe my experience helps you find a way to train around your injuries and makes you feel not alone.

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