Automatic reactions

Do you ever consider your opponent's automatic reactions when trying to decipher kata?

Things like:

  • -If I poke is eyes he will probably bend backwards
  • -If I kick him in the groin he will probably bend forward
  • -If I feint a punch to the head he will probably bring his hands up
  • -If I stomp on his foot he will probably move the leg
  • -If you are in a clinch he will probably try to grab your head

I am sure that you can name a few more (please, write them in the comments!) but this will suffice as a short example.

Magically yesterday in the gym I found my friend Nils (black belt in Jujutsu) scaring Jourdan (just married) with this:

Hei, don't tell me it isn't genius!!

The best part is that it worked since the first time, unrehearsed!!
(Yes, the video is not unrehearsed, as I had some trouble and had to re-shot it)

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  1. Flinches involving enemies going for the face usually have a natural head movements back or to the side - if you can get them to go back you of course then can over balance them in the next movement. Probably why weaving and ducking trains side and down movements instead of lean back.
    A similar reaction that is ok for the 'right now' but bad for the 'later' is the natural human fall reaction - stick your hand out. Save a head injury, but possibly break your wrist. Or is that a myth? ;)

    Your friends' video reminded me of Bassai sho, for the first two strikes at least - very interesting!

  2. Bassai Sho? I need to research into that...


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