Some Kumite

So young...
Yesterday I went to see my good friend Chen Sensei and after a grueling hour of Sanchin we did some bunkai and also some kumite.

Showing off my newly acquired video editing skills:
Here I have some light kumite with (the other) Chen Sensei (they are not related). 
Karate Box Dojo is Shotokan based so we just messed around a bit under Shotokan "rules". The video came out wonderfully!

Then I challenged Chen Sensei (the owner) to a Kyokushin match:
Yes, his first time under this "rules" so he seems a bit confused at the beginning but he fought back in no time.

Then it was me who was challenged by one of their students!
That was really fun! I hope we both learnt something from the experience!

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  1. Same problem with the videos here, clicked several links, none seem to be working....
    Think I found one of them by searching your name in youtube however:


    1. I think the problem is that youtube tries to take me to 'my videos', (of which I have none) - I think you must have copied and pasted the url while still logged in, instead of the public address of the video.


    2. Yes, that's what happened.
      Fixed now!


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