Sanchin 三戦

Today I want to talk about Sanchin, that kata where you keep your whole body under full tension and you breath like a T-Rex. 

Sorry, the only one I have...

Sanchin is a signature kata of Goju Ryu, although is present in other systems. It does not look like any other kata, as breathing and tension seems to be the only important consideration.

Here you can see Omoto Kancho performing Sanchin: 

Well, it is my understanding of Sanchin (Sanchin meaning "three battles", but I will not enter in philosophical discussion at this moment) that one of the benefits of it (and the one that benefits me the more) is that really helps to connect breathing with technique. Using the hara for launching the punches and neurologically linking striking with exhalation.

Yes, many other benefits if you ask people who practice it and many health dangers if you ask people who don't.

Oh, what are those other benefits? Improved muscle tone, stronger tendons and ligaments, massaging the organs, body more resistant to impacts (if you include the "hitting test", also called shime締め) and increased concentration and focus.

And the dangers? Some say it increases blood pressure, that it does, but they argue that the pressure stays high even long time after you finish the kata.
This, I don't know.

Here is another version that I find interesting. Just look at those body mechanics:

I learnt Sanchin during my Kyokushin tuition so I think it is fair to include a Kyokushin video of it:


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