I just (re)learnt this interesting kata in my afternoon home session.

It has been 5 solid years since the last time I did it... what makes sense since I am reducing the number of kata I am working on, but I do not want to completely forget all the old kata that took me so much effort to learn, so from time to time I try to remember one of those.
Last month was Nijushiho, today was Ji'in. I attempted Hangetsu yesterday but we better forget it ever happened.

Just in case you want to know my opinion about these kata:
-Hangetsu is, allegedly, Funakoshi's take on Seisan. And I still want to learn Seisan, a more traditional kata. 
-Nijushiho is one of, at least, two Naha kata that made it into the Shotokan curriculum (three, if we include Hangetsu/Seisan).
-Ji'in is Jion, but somebody forgot the correct order and we ended up with two really similar kata that show almost exactly the same.

Well, I checked Ji'in in this video:

This collection of videos is great!


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