What does "practical Karate" mean? 実戦総合唐手術 勇善會

I should have started with this one, right?

But first let me tell you the name of my dojo:


Jissen Sogo Tode Jutsu Yuzenkai

My Japanese friends suggested I am creating a new ryu-ha, but that it is not my intention. I just tried to name what I do in a way that explains mi ideas about physical self-defense.

Jissen means real fight, live or death situations, meaning that I want to develop my Karate in a way that is useful when a fight arouses and martial skills become an urgent need. Sogo means comprehensive, or mixed, like in mixed martial arts. I want to explain with this that I am not afraid of using techniques or strategies from any source as long as are helping my goals. Tode, also pronounced Karate. I like to use the old kanji 唐 instead of 空 because it is the one that was used in Okinawa before Karate migrated to mainland Japan (they still use it in Okinawa nowadays, but not everywhere). It was also the title of Funakoshi Sensei's first book, and also the name of Sosai Oyama's first dojo and the name of my first Kyokushin dojo. Jutsu instead of Do because I am working to get the skills and knowledge to protect me. All the other good aspects associated with Martial Arts practice are also welcome, but I didn't start training because I pursued those, truth be told. Jutsu vs Do.

And Yuzenkai because it is the organization to which I belong and that was a key part on my development as a more complete karateka.
I am in debt for live with Yuzenkai for this.


  1. MASTER,
    I want to know the meaning of :
    01) YUZENKAI



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