The importance of training

People ask me why I am so good (no, it never actually happens) and I reply "because I train everyday".

Yes, I do train everyday. And not, I don't train for hours with no end on sight everyday.
Family, work, commitments, injuries, laziness... you can not be expected to train everyday for 5 hours with full power and survive more than a few weeks (not if you are not Olympic level) without burning out.

But I train everyday. Sometimes I run in the morning, go to the gym in the afternoon and to the dojo in the evening, giving a full hundred percent of myself every time.
In the other hand, some days I just can do a short stretching, or one single kata, or 10 push ups, or watch a video of a fight, or read a page on a book, or just dream about fighting. The point is to be engaging your body-brain connection at every opportunity to create a "surrounded by martial stimuli environment".
Yes, I am a Psychologist by trade and I still can't find a better word to explain what I mean.

But I can show you an example:

Here you can see me completely dominating my work mate Skeven.
No, it is not a show off. 
Skeven and me joined this MMA club together. We were pretty equal in terms of strength and skills at that time. He didn't show up for the last 4 months. He came yesterday and this is what happened.

Training is 99% of what you need to improve.

Yes, I see my throws suck. I need more speed and flow. I also have been long time without a Judo dojo, and it shows...

I just met this Taekwondo girl who uses to teach a couple of classes a week. I asked her about her training regime being sincerely interested. Her response: "I do not train".
Me: What?
Her: I do not train.
Me: Never?
Her: No.
Her: I do not need to train. I already know Taekwondo.
Me: Uh?
Her: I learnt Taekwondo when I was in college. I already know, no need to train.

Yes, her Taekwondo sucks. And also do her classes.

Today it is raining a lot and we still have winter weather. I found this guy on the street:

Now, what is your excuse for not training today?


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