The hand of Karate

If you got my book you can recognize this picture from the "how to use your body as a weapon" section. 

But I must confess that I am still learning and that yesterday I found a new way of hurting people, I mean, to defend oneself from an attacker.

In this screen capture you can see Yagi Sensei teaching Naka Sensei how a karateka should hit with an open palm strike.

So, how to do it?

You must agree that is (in)genius!

What I really enjoy of the great Naka Sensei, one of my top 3 favourite Shotokan karateka in this generation, is how he is always eager to learn new things and new perspectives about Karate and other Martial Arts. His videos in Okinawa really show how much he cares about improving continually.

Here is (the other) Yagi Sensei showing the thumb close up:
Please, nobody use it during kumite with me!!!


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