Yes, MMA is great!

And we all (all Martial Arts practitioners) should embrace the freedom it carries with it.
Most Martial Arts have limited competition rule sets that resulted in limited combat systems, and that is a pity because they are stealing from the students some skills that could come on handy in they get in a fight (that is why we learn Martial Arts, right?).

Am I suggesting that you abandon your Shotokan, your Judo, your Aikido (or whatever) and join a MMA club? No (please, don't!). What I am saying is that in a MMA class you will have the oportunity of sparring (every class) with trained fighters, with people who can punch, kick, take you down, throw and grapple on the ground. They can twist your arms, your neck and choke you out.

And this is a great gift!!!
You will get attacked from so many angles, with so many techniques and strategies, that you will get used to it. You will learn how to defend yourself from all kinds of attacks, not only the attacks that your dojo-mates know (quite limited, as a general rule).

"No, we are Martial Artists, we do not fight"
I call it bull...

Martial Aarts are made to save your neck.
Make sure you keep them as that.


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