Jutsu vs Do

Let me tell you that even if I appreciate all the benefits that Martial Arts practice have I only train for one of them: practical self-defense.

I see my athleticism improve, my social skills, my confidence, my self-control, my teaching skills, my awareness, speaking in public, perfection of character, flexibility, discipline, commitment, I made great friends, I have traveled the world and I even make a little money from time to time. But all of this (the Do part) are secondary to me. If I didn't believe that what I practice is useful to save my life then I would stop immediately.
I am primary interested in the Jutsu aspect of the Arts.

But I also know that if I do not train frequently in an intense and logical manner then I will not be able to use my skills in the worst case scenario: having to fight.
And I think all this Martial knowledge is so useful and so good that I truly believe that I must preserve it, share it and transmit it to as many people as possible so many people can benefit from it.

So sometimes I think I am in the Do part, even if I am searching for the Jutsu.

What do you do? Budo o Bujutsu?
Does it really matter?


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