Ground fighting

Hello guys!

No, I will not talk about grappling (for now).

Today I want to ask how many of you actually know how to hit someone who is on the ground.
We karateka are very good at hitting people when we are both standing, but what happens if we hit the ground?

Don't tell me that you are so good that there is no chance that you end up in the ground.
No, it will not happen in 90% of the fights, but there is chance that that will happen.

Can you produce enough power to deliver powerful enough strikes while you are on your knees?
Can you do it without twisting your hips?
Can you do it when your feet do not touch the ground?

It is worth giving it a try, see how it feels, see how you can use elbows and knees, see how you transition to different positions and see how unused to it you are.

Try it. 
Your self-protection skills are never too good.


  1. Yes, you should make escaping your primary goal in a street fight, but that is not always possible.
    That is how you ended up in a fight on the first place!


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