A hundred kata per day

Hello boys and girls!

I am happy today. I just got my certificate for the "100 kata for Karate day challenge 2016".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there were many people around the world (not only in Okinawa) that gathered together to do this challenge on Karate day.

It was a tough morning back in October but I managed to complete my 100 Tekki Shodan at home.
My lower back hurt for days after all that twisting!

Just in case:
Kanazawa Hirokazu Tekki Shodan

Here I am receiving this important document that I will treasure all  my life:
I hope to repeat in successive years and engage many other karateka to join me.

As you see in the poster, this was sponsored by the Dojo Bar, in Tomari. I spent the most wonderful night of all there, so let me show you a bit of it:


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